Faces & Places

img817 img821 img791 img792 img793 img798 img800 img802 img803 img805 img806 img808 img810 img811 img816

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10 Responses to Faces & Places

  1. LaPetiteFéerie says:

    My fav pic from this set has to be the one with the man smoking a cigarette. Nice composition!🙂

  2. Tienny says:

    I like to buildings photo. The dark staircase seems creepy to me.
    And I want to thank you for liking my photo “Bishan” and “Confused Fish On Land”. 😀

  3. Tamara says:

    kaki smeško je Inja. Se prav vidi, da uživa in da je zadovoljen otrok. super slikice…

  4. Urša says:

    tačetrta je pa čist za v okvir🙂

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