DIY Redscale

These photos are all i got from two rolls of Dm Paradies 200, shot iso25. Any suggestions what went wrong?

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5 Responses to DIY Redscale

  1. pjbrez pravi:

    Well, I don’t think anything is wrong. I guess it depends on what kind of shot you want. The photos that are lighter orange or yellow were overexposed. There’s a photo of a building with blue skies above it. That one was definitely overexposed to light. The dark red ones were underexposed. This all looks fine to me.

  2. thedsides pravi:

    I got similar results when I used the lomo redscale film with a canon. I thought something was wrong with the developing but I guess it depends on your settings and stuff. I think I got used to using it with a toy camera, you get the really bright red color. I prefer this one. Very nice set btw! 🙂

    • frutina pravi:

      yeah i tried one film with holga 135 and two with praktica plc3, holga came out completely empty and this is all i got from praktica.i like what it came out but would prefer much more photos 🙂 i think i’ll try with dm paradies iso400 next time..

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